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Below are the usage guidelines for the 3G GSM Auto Dialler, which is a versatile unit that can be attached to many electronic devices and alert you to a problem, failure, or status change via a text message or a phone call.

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Setting up the Auto-Dialler

Before powering the unit, slide the SIM card into the holder making sure that the clipped corner of the card lines up with the clipped corner of the card holder.

To help make sure that you place the unit in a suitable position you can text the unit to see how much signal strength the dialler is receiving by texting the command #SIGNAL# to the unit. The dialler will then perform a test on the signal strength. You will receive a text telling you a signal strength score between 0 up to 30 we strongly recommend that you place the unit where you can receive a signal strength score of at least 10. You will find that with a score of less than 10 the unit will be unreliable.

Programming contact numbers

After inserting your SIM card into the Auto-Dialler, turn the unit on and wait until the green Ready LED comes on. This will indicate that you have a mobile signal and the unit is ready for use. You will now need to send a text with the contact number to the device. You can set up a maximum of three contact numbers.

The template for the text message to set up a contact number is #[1/2/3]=[phone number]#. For example: #2=0123456789# would set the second contact number to 0123456789.

Please wait for the unit to respond with the ‘NUMBER STORED’ acknowledgement before sending any other messages.

If you wish to remove a number, you should replace the phone number with ‘DELETE’, as in #[1/2/3]=DELETE#.

Programming the automatic text messages

The auto dialler has two automatic inputs, and each can have a separate message that is sent when triggered. The format for setting the message is as follows: #MESS[1/2]=[YOUR MESSAGE]#. For example, #MESS1=FIRST MESSAGE# will set the message for input 1 to ‘FIRST MESSAGE’.

Please note that you can use a maximum of 19 characters (including spaces) for your customised messages.

Automatic phone call alerts

The unit can be programmed to send a telephone call after each text alarm has been sent. To prevent call charges being incurred, you will receive approximately three ring tones. The unit will then hang up automatically.

To set the call alerts up, send #CALL=ON# to the unit. To disable call alerts, text #CALL=OFF#.

Setting up the 3G GSM Auto Dialler Inputs

The 3G Auto Dialler has two independent inputs.

  • Input 1: Terminal 1 connection. (Negatively triggered, pulled to ground).
  • Input 2: Terminal 2 connection. (Negatively triggered, pulled to ground).

When either input is triggered the green Ready LED will flash 6 times to indicate that the trigger has been received, and the unit will then send the text messages and phone calls to the saved contact numbers.

The inputs can both be triggered independently. Input two can also be positively triggered by using Terminal 3.

How to use the relay output

The 3G Auto Dialler has a relay output which can be used to switch on external electric devices such as lighting, sirens, etc.

Relay 1 is independent and can be activated by SMS (text) message.

Texting #REL=ON# will turn on the relay output. Texting #REL=OFF# will turn off the relay output. After each operation the unit will reply with a status report ‘REL ON/OFF’.

Alarm relay mode

The relay can also be set up to pulse for between 20 to 30 seconds when an input has been triggered. To activate this, set dipswitch 2 to the ON position. If the dipswitch is set to the OFF position, the relay will only come on via the SMS text commands above.

3G GSM Auto-Dialler Text Command Reference

Text command Operation Acknowledgement
#REL=OFF# Turn relay output off Relay off
#REL=ON# Turn relay output on Relay on
#MESS1=MAX19CHARACTER# Stores a customer 19 character message for input 1 Message 1 stored
#MESS2=MAX19CHARACTER# Stores a customer 19 character message for input 2 Message 2 stored
#SIGNAL# Performs a signal strength test Score of 1-30
#1=NUMBER# Saves contact number 1 Number stored
#2=NUMBER# Saves contact number 2 Number stored
#3=NUMBER# Saves contact number 3 Number stored
#1=DELETE# Deletes contact number 1 Number deleted
#2=DELETE# Deletes contact number 2 Number deleted
#3=DELETE# Deletes contact number 3 Number deleted
#ALARM=ON# Sets alarm to on Alarm on
#ALARM=OFF# Sets alarm to off Alarm off
#CALL=ON# Switches text & call alerts on Call on
#CALL=OFF# Text alerts only Call off

Dipswitch settings

Dipswitch 1:

  • ON = 3G selected
  • OFF = 2G selected

Dipswitch 2:

  • ON = Alarm relay mode on
  • OFF = Alarm relay mode off

3G GSM Auto-Dialler Operational Guidelines Manual

Download the Manual (PDF)

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